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Why was TikTok Star Kirti Patel Arrested? Charges Explained


Kirti Patel Arrested: Why was TikTok Star Kirti Patel Arrested? Charges Explained: Due to the immense craze of TikTok, many people get popularity through this. This platform appeared as the most vital way to attain a good fan following and give recognition to many commoners on a vital scale. Many commoners became stars overnight after making content on this but do not always get good popularity most of the time they are in the limelight due to negative popularity. One such TikTok star is presently making headlines in the newspaper after her arrest news. As per the latest report, Controversial TikTok Girl Kirti Patel has been detained once again by the cops. Follow More Update On

Kirti Patel Arrested

Kirti Patel Arrested

Vastrapur police have lodged a case against 2 people, including the social media influencer Kirti Patel, for menacing a young lady and uploading a nasty message on social media out of resentment over an earlier fight. A complaint was registered against Kirti Patel at Surat and later Satellite then now Vastrapur police station. Vastrapur police have lodged a case against Kirti Patel and Bharat Bharwad for menacing a Vastrapur girl and virtualizing nasty messages and pictures on social media in retaliation for a fight in a satellite area 2 months back.

Why was TikTok Star Kirti Patel Arrested?

Earlier, a lady had filed a complaint against Kirti Patel in link with a scuffle against Karnavati Club. In this case, Kirti Patel has been alleged of aided the complaint in the crime and of constantly harassed her for revenge. The plaintiff lady was constantly harassed by Kirti Patel and Bharat Bharwad for attempting to settle the crime of Satellite. In the end, the lady filed a complaint at the Vastrapur police station and the police took further action against her.

Notably, the police are presently conducting a probe into accusations that the lady was harassed over the same incident even after the settlement when both the parties earlier agreed to settle the crime reported on the satellite. Cops have taken legal actions against Kirti Patel. While the other accused Bharat has speeded up the chakras to catch Bharwad. Though the important thing is that Kirti Patel has stated that she does not know anything about this incident.

He stated a settlement had also been reached between the two parties in the Satellite case. For more updates be connected with getindianews and don’t forget to read our other articles to get aware of what is happening throughout the world.


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