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Why Was Joe Don Chitwood Arrested? Reason, All Charges & Allegations Explained!


Oklahoma police chief, Joe Don was arrested because of his involvement in distributing myth. He was accused of involving and distributing methamphetamine in southeast Oklahoma. Investigations were held from the mid of April and now the officer is finally arrested. The Oklahoma Narcotics Bureau announced the arrest of the police official on Friday. The investigations were held out in the mid of April and the OBA and DEA together held an investigation for finding more about the drug dealing and supply. Joe Don Chitwood was also suspected and finally working on the case they found out about the involvement of the officer in the case. OBN spokesperson said the same thing while reporting. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Why Was Oklahoma Police Officer Arrested?

Why Was Oklahoma Police Officer Arrested?

It also came out that the information about Joe’s involvement was out during the initial stages of investigations. In Oklahoma, Meth is the leading drug amongst others, that is the cause of death of many, said the OBN director Donnie Anderson. He also said that being a part of the Law and police, and getting involved in such kind of work is a shame and he has put down all the men and women who work for the law and spend their whole lives in order to protect the law and the citizens from all the crime and such deadly substances. According to the Oklahoma local media, he was taken into custody on Thursday afternoon, after the Narcotics department found small amounts of drugs in his house.

Joe Don Chitwood Arrested Reason

Joe was booked into Hughes County Jail after getting caught later that afternoon. Officials said that he might be selling small amounts of drugs, but it is enough for someone who is addicted to feeding on it. They also said they were not talking about pounds and pounds but Grams, which is essential in the view of an addict. Joe was part of the police department of Oklahoma from 2019, and before that, he was from the other department i.e, the Wetumka department of police. He has also trained dogs who find out drugs specifically meth.

Joe Don Chitwood: All Charges & Allegations Explained

He also had a background in working with Private military security firms. It was during the Iraq war, after that he got himself as a trainee for the police department. Despite having such a good and enriched background he got involved in the drug supply case. Joe confessed that It makes us look bad, just like any other officer who does the same thing. Joe is still under arrest and we will be informed after furthermore update.


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