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Why Was Chicco Twala Arrested? Reason, All Charges & Allegations Explained!


A piece of breaking news comes in front of us from social media and internet networks. the news said that the famous and very well-known music producer Chicco Twala is get arrested. according to information the reason for his arrest is said to be that he assault a power technician on the previous Sunday night. this news makes hype all over the social media networks. everyone is talking about this incident which was done by the popular music producer Chicco Twala. I want to know more detail about this incident. Many individuals surf the internet for getting more news and updates about this incident. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Chicco Twala Arrested

Chicco Twala Arrested

We are here to help you and give you every possible detail on this incident, so stay tuned to Our article page and get to know every possible update about the Chicco twala arrest incident and about his personal life. According to the sources the Douglasdale police station Officials take him under custody on Monday night. it is said that it is going to appear in red bag magistrate Court this Tuesday for assaulting and putting a firearm on a power technician.

Why Was Chicco Twala Arrested? Reason

This uncommon incident happened in Twala’s home studio which is situated in Johannesburg. Chicco twala make a statement after getting arrested he said that” I am not above the law if I am get arrested so so anyone who can commit a crime and break the rules which were made by law also get arrested”. he also said that my haters put different kinds of allegations on me that, I can bribe judges and police officials and easily get away from this case. he said that this is not true if I commit a crime no one can save me from getting punishment.

Chicco Twala All Charges & Allegations

As soon as this incident gets into the trending or viral section of social media and the internet handles. every year I want to know about Chicco Twala many individuals have questions and queries in their mind regarding the famous music producer. so we want to to tell you that Chicco twala is a very famous and popular music director and composer he also produces music for his company. Chicco Twala comment on his haters and said I am happy e that I am in this position from which my haters can have fun and celebration.


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