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Why Is OJ Da Juiceman Locked Up In Hardin County Detention Center? Arrested Charges


Hardin County is where OJ Da Juiceman is reported to be imprisoned.

OJ Da Juiceman, a prominent rapper, is trending on social media after rumours of his detention at Hardin Country Jail went viral.

Why Is OJ Da Juiceman in Hardin County Jail?

OJ Da Juiceman is rumoured to be imprisoned in Hardin County. However, it appears to be a hoax.

There is no evidence that Otis William was booked in the Hardin County Jail, according to an unidentified news source. There is a mugshot of the rapper in the photo, although it is unclear whether it has been photoshopped.

Similar news is available, with the same thumbnail showing a list of persons arrested in Kentucky. Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee that the information is accurate.

But it’s not as though the rapper had never been to prison before. It was in 2015 that he was arrested for the last time.

He and his manager were arrested in Hickman, Tennessee, according to VladTv, when police seized firearms, marijuana, and over 300 rounds of ammunition in his car.

What Charges Have Been Leveled Against OJ Da Juiceman?

Oj Da Juiceman is said to be in custody. However, some sites have offered more information. However, we have yet to verify whether or not this is correct.

As a result, he is accused of having marijuana, a firearm, and paraphernalia in his possession. Nonetheless, he was previously charged with three felony counts of the same nature. Intent to distribute, gun possession, and unlawful crime involving the possession of a handgun were all included.

However, the specifics have yet to be published at this time.

What Will OJ Da Juiceman’s Net Worth Be In 2022?

According to CeleberityNetWorth, OJ Da Juiceman has a net worth of $2 million. He began his musical career with “Never Again Records,” which is well known for the 2004 Summer spin-off song “Black Tee.”

After starting his own label, 32 Entertainment, he teamed with Gucci Mane, the CEO of So Icey Entertainment. He’s appeared on a lot of underground mixtapes with different artists and has six mixtapes on the 32 Entertainment label.

The Otis Williams Jr. Story was his second album. In addition, while promoting his independent label 32 Entertainment, he released a series of mixtapes in 2011 and 2012.


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