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Who was Sergio Chejfec and what was his cause of death? Tributes Pour In As “‘Argentine writer” dead at 65


Who was Sergio Chejfec and what was his cause of death? Tributes Pour In As “‘Argentine writer” dead at 65: Sergio Chejfec one of the best writers, and novelists who find his passion in writing has sadly lost his life. Yes, he passed away at the age of  65. He was living in New York with his family. He liked to write novels, poetries, short essays, and stories. Whatever he writes, it was mind-blowing. Many people like his writing style and his stories. Follow More Update On

Sergio Chejfec

Who was Sergio Chejfec?

He was the benchmark for a generation of writers who lived through the transition from the violent decade of the 1970s to the democratic life of the 1980s. This Saturday, when his death news came out on the internet, everybody was shocked. They can’t even believe that he lost his life. On social media, they say, We need these types of guys who bring change in this society with the power of writing.

Sergio Chejfec Death Cause

Many say, how did he die. One of his family members revealed that he was suffering from pancreatic cancer. He found out about his cancer very late. Already the virus reached many organs and seventy percent of his cancer was damaged. His death news was announced in New York who has lived since 2005 after a long period in Venezuela between 1990 and 2005.

How did Sergio Chejfec die?

During his writing journey, he conduct many seminars and launched some courses. So that, people will know how he writes amazing stories. What were the structures in which he follows and how did he engage the audience. Basically, he wants to educate his audience so that he will improve the skill of other people. Also, he loves to educate new beginners who just starting out. He launched many courses during this time and he teaches two master’s programs at the National University of Argentina.

Sergio Chejfec Biography

He published many novels and publish many books but those which are successful. Their names are Moral (1990), The air (1992), Five (1996), The call of the species (1997), The planets (1999), Boca de Lobo (2000), The incomplete (2004), Baroni a trip (2007), Theatrical Experience (2012), and the Story set Lantern Mode (2013).

He also published some poems. Their names are Three Poems and Compassion (2002), Garros and Bones (2003), and the essays EI punto vacillate (2015), Sobre Giannuzzi (2010). Recently, he published a new book which was Latest Reading News, The Visitor, Elevator Theory. Through publishing, he wrote many books and generate a good amount of money. His worth is estimated to be around millions.


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