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Who was Elvis Nyathi and what was her cause of death? Video Goes Viral On Twitter


Who was Elvis Nyathi and what was her cause of death? Video Goes Viral On Twitter: On Thursday morning people came across horrible news that happened on Wednesday night. People after listening to that news have frightened. On Wednesday night, Elvis Nyathi became the victim of a gruesome killing. He was a Zimbabwean man who was brutally slaughtered by some people. Since this news has broken out on the web it is gaining people’s attention across the world. The brutality in this case is the most unpleasant thing which being condemned by the people. Now many questions are arising regarding this murder case such as what was the bone of contention in this matter? and who was Elvis Nyathi? Here is everything to learn about the victim and other imperative points linked with this case. Follow More Update On

Elvis Nyathi

Who was Elvis Nyathi?

This sensational and horrible murder took place in the Johannesburg suburb of Diepsloot. This was the matter of Wednesday night when a Zimbabwean man was brutally murdered by some people and set on fire. Now this case has also taken a political turn as EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) party claims that the ruling party in South Africa ANC (African National Congress) has endorsed the vigilantes. But people what was the reason behind this gruesome murder? To learn the answer to this question you need to look at the next section.

Elvis Nyathi Death Cause

This incident happened on Wednesday night. According to the victim’s spouse, some people knocked on their home’s door to check their passport, then they tied her husband up and set her alive husband on fire. We cannot even imagine the brutality that happened with Elvis Nyathi. As of now, it is believed that Elvis was killed over passport contention. On Thursday, people woke up to a frightening image of a pile of ashes of Elvis Nyathi who was murdered for not possessing a passport. Continue reading this article for more information.

Elvis Nyathi Death Video Explained

The victim was married to his wife named Nomsa Tshuma. According to CCC (Coalition for Citizen Change), this matter is the result of the Zanu-PF government’s mismanagement of the economy due to which we are witnessing the exodus of Zimbabweans to South Africa in hope of getting greener pastures. The CCC strongly criticized the killing of Elvis Nyathi who was burned and stoned in Diepsloot in South Africa. The CCC also sent its heartfelt condolences to the grieving family and his friends. The CCC also claimed that his murder could be prevented. Stay tuned to us for more information.


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