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Who was Dr. Frank Buddy McCutcheon and Frank “Buddy” Mccutcheon Murder – Cause Of Death Revealed


Who was Dr. Frank Buddy McCutcheon and Frank “Buddy” Mccutcheon Murder – Cause Of Death Revealed: Back we have in 2016 we were informed about the murder case of Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon but at that time it was not possible to write about the killer or responsible for Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon’s death. But now we have got the official report of the killer. It has been reported that the murderer of the doctor was convicted last year. But who killed him? There are various questions that are yet to be answered. However, in this article, you will get to learn who killed Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon and what was the motive of the killer for killing him? So you are advised to stick with this weblog and must go down the page to have a look at the below-placed sections. Follow More Update On

Frank Mccutcheon

Who was Dr. Frank Buddy McCutcheon?

Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon was a popular doctor but one day he was found dead in his home. And his murder was informed to police by his wife who was at the home during the murder of Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon. Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon was married to his wife named Brenda who also called 911. According to the reports, the killing of Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon was carried out in July 2016 at his residence. Kindly look at the further paragraph to fetch who killed him?

Dr. Frank Buddy McCutcheon Death Cause

It was a matter of July 16, 2016, when the doctor was shot to death in his head around 3:30 AM. Moreover, the doctor was in the living room while his wife was upstairs at the time of the murder. Furthermore, his wife heard the sound of gunfire. When she went downstairs to check on his husband she found him dead then she called 911 to inform the police about this murder. At first, the police investigate the case but when they did not find any clue of any suspect then they turned to his wife. All circumstances were pointing toward Brenda.

What Happened To Dr. Frank Buddy McCutcheon?

Later police found that Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon’s wife is the one who killed her own husband. but why did she kill him? According to the police reports, Brenda was the office manager at his clinic who also used to manage all the accounts. Police confirmed that she did not pay the tax rolls which she did not want to inform her husband. Moreover, she was also having an extramarital affair with a man. But in the end, she got convicted of killing her own husband. Now she is serving a life sentence in jail since Feb 2021.


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