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Who was David Sankok Son and what was his cause of death? Nominated MP David Sankok’s son Death Video Explained


Who was David Sankok Son and what was his cause of death? Nominated MP David Sankok’s son Death Video Explained: A piece of shocking news is coming into the headlines about the son of nominated MP David ole Dankok, he passed away by suicide at their home in Ewaso Nyiro, Narok South sub-county. Yes, you read it right and this news has been going viral all over the internet at this time. People are shocked after getting the news of his death and are praying for his family and friends. The boy was only 15 years old. The entire family is in deep grief after his death. The family has only one question why their son took such a harsh decision. Here, we have brought all information about the son of MP David ole Sankok. Follow More Update On

Sankok Son Dead

Who was David Sankok Son?

According to the reports, the son of nominated MP David ole Sankok has reportedly died by suicide at their house in Ewaso Nyiro, Narok South sub-county. MP David’s son Memusi Sankok was only 15 years old and shot himself using his father’s gun on Monday afternoon after getting it from a safe in his father’s bathroom. He was a Form Four student at Kericho Hich School. The news of his death has left everyone shocked.

David Sankok Son Death Cause

However, the reason behind taking such action is yet to be revealed. The investigation of the suicide case is still going on. The gun used by the legislator’s son Memusi has since been taken by the officials from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations for ballistic assessment. The news of the incident was confirmed by the Narok South Sub-Country Deputy County Commissioner Felix Kisalu who also said that the DCI officers have been investigating the incident.

How did David Sankok Son die?

The body of the boy was taken to Narok County Referral Hospital. However, the reports of his post-mortem are yet to come out. The police haven’t revealed much information about the case. The probe has been started seriously by the officers who are trying to find out the reason behind the boy’s committing suicide.

David Sankok Son Death Video Explained

So far there is no evidence was found that hints at anything about the death of Memusi. The family of the 15-year-old is heartbroken and in trauma after his death. It is a tough time for the entire family. We hope that God will give courage and strength to MP David and his family. The incident took place on Monday afternoon (02 May 2022). May his soul receive peace in heaven. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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