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Who Is Peter Obi’s Daughter? Wedding Photos & Videos Viral On Twitter, Instagram & Social Media!


From the recent reports, we are getting this news that Peter obes named amaka are got married to her lover. Her father planned a very traditional wedding for her daughter and invited the topmost brand delicates in his daughter’s marriage many pictures are getting viral since the merits and money took place and it is getting more attention and likes now people are very much excited for the Grand marriage ceremony detail updates. In this article, you will learn about the famous faces being presented at her ceremony. This grand party was held on 17th April 2022 as per the given sources am Amaka’s father is a state who used to work for Anambra state and he will be also running the elections in 2023 on behalf of the democratic party. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Peter Obi's Daughter?

Who Is Peter Obi’s Daughter?

Amaka was in a relationship with Chukwumq Okeke Ojijudu. And he is a very high professional businessman from South LG Anambra state. The Grand ceremony will be taking place at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Agulu, Anocha LGA. As they are high profile Businessmen they are going to call various political leaders into the marriage including Senator representation South which was the former government of IMO state. The list of the people is very long and we even can’t mention each and everyone but you are going to see the pictures on social media and we will give you updates about the wedding ceremony.

Peter Obi’s Daughter Photos & Videos

This is going to be a very grand ceremony and everyone is way too much excited about this merit’s anniversary which is going to took place Peter OB is also going for the candidate for the coming presidential election and he is ready to set and fight for the president post in the upcoming elections it would be a great victory for him if he would be a win in this Fort coming presidential election of 2023.

Peter Obi’s Daughter: Instagram & Husband

Is marriage is going to be delightful and very classy and we will be the same both of them wearing and looking gorgeous in their outfits. Many celebrities are going to be present as it is a grand ceremony and Peter obeys is a very famous personality. We have got only a few lists of the famous personalities and they are Chichu One year, Chodoka, Deputy  Minority leaders, and many more.


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