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Who Is Mercy May? John Darwin New Wife


Mercy May is John Darwin’s new wife, the man who earned a name for himself by pretending to die in a canoe accident.

The country was surprised and intrigued by a weird, true story. After amassing £700,000 in debt and being on the edge of bankruptcy, he decided to stage his own death.

He asked his ex-wife Anne to ratify the lie by filing a £250,000 life insurance claim on his behalf.

Then, for years, John hid in a nearby Hartlepool bedsit, visiting his wife through a door that joined the two old houses.

The couple decided to start a new life in Panama after five years.

He decided to feign amnesia and show up at a London police station, intending to resume his usual life, when it became evident that he couldn’t live or work there without having his identification recognized by British authorities.

The two were apprehended and found guilty of fraud, receiving a six-year sentence each.

“The Thief, His Wife, and the Canoe,” a new ITV drama, is now telling their story.

Who Is Mercy May? John Darwin New Wife

Mercy May is John Darwin’s new wife, and they live in the Philippines right now.

She is a hardworking businesswoman who sublets a garment stand in Manila, among other things.

The pair moved last year from Manila’s congested metropolis to a house 30 minutes away, according to The Mirror.

John was released from prison in January 2011, and Anne two months later. Before their release, Anne chose to separate from him, and the two later divorced.

Mercy May Age And Wiki

Mercy May is 47 years old. John, on the other hand, is 71 years old and still going strong.

Mercy’s early life and family history are unfortunately unknown.

Find Mercy May Instagram

Due to a lack of information, Mercy May’s Instagram handles have yet to be tracked.

Mercy May Children

Mercy May is the mother of three children, according to multiple news outlets.

We don’t know if she had the children with her current spouse, John Darwin.


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