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Who Is Marcus Spanevelo and why was he arrested? Missing Mom Cassie Carli Ex Mugshot Photos


Who Is Marcus Spanevelo and why was he arrested? Missing Mom Cassie Carli Ex Mugshot Photos: The missing of Cassie Carli added a new development in this case. A person is apprehended in the connection with her missing. As per the latest report, Marcus Spanevelo, a resident of Birmingham, got detained in Tennessee in link with the missing Navarre woman. He is the former boyfriend of Cassie Carli and was taken under custody on several charges. As per Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, Marcus Spanevelo got arrested at around 05:00 PM and taken into the prison at around 11:00 PM on Friday. Continue to read to know more about it. Follow More Update On

Marcus Spanevelo

Who Is Marcus Spanevelo?

Marcus Spanevelo hails from Birmingham, Alabama was the former beau of Cassie Carli (37-years-old) lady who was officially reported missing and threatened by Santa Rosa County officials. Spanevelo is presently getting hold for 3 charges he is charged with tampering with proof, giving false details about a missing persons’ probe, and destruction of proof.

Marcus Spanevelo Arrested

He got caught after a judge signed a major warrant. Though the matter is still open and the probe is ongoing. Cassie Carli has been missing since Sunday. She disappeared after a custody swap between her and 4-year-old Saylor the daughter of Spanevelo was set. The incident is stated to have started close to a restaurant on Navarre Beach. Official authorities found her car of Cassies near the shore along with some of her belongings on Tuesday. After locating Marcus and his daughter, the cops interviewed him.

Missing Mother Cassie Carli Former Beau Marcus Spanevelo Mugshot Pictures 

The mugshots of Marcus Spanevelos the former beau of Cassie Carlis has got released to the public. The readers can watch the pictures on many news sites and social media platforms. In a press conference, Sheriff Bob Johnson said that they knew they had to interview Spanevelo since he was the last person to watch Cassie.

The father of Carli had messaged Cassies, inquiring about her locations to which she had replied that she was having car and phone issues. She had also told her father about her intention to stay at the place of her ex. Marcus also texted the father Carlis, indicating that she had wanted him to drop her off near the house of her friend.

Though he later informed the authorities that Carli never viewed up at her residence. The friends and relatives of Cassie are deeply concerned and searches for her have been organized in the Navarre Beach region. Local firms and people have also gotten engaged in the search.

Is Marcus Spanevelo In Jail?

Marcus Spanevelo is presently in jail and continues to be interrogated. To conclude the case, some additional information is needed. Anyone with details on the crime can contact Santa Rosa County Crime Stoppers and be eligible for a $3000 prize.


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