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Who Is Lutfullah Niazi Full Viral Leaked Private Scandal MMS Video Girl Name Telegram Link


There are numerous videos trending on the Internet and blowing the sense of the audience with their inappropriate content shocking the audience. A number of users on some of the vital social media platforms are retaining the trend by posting their own videos naked and sometimes engaging in making love with other people. They shamelessly posted their own video revealing their privacy on the Internet just for gaining popularity. Well, as of now, another video covering one of the renowned activists and artists named Lutfullah Niazi featuring in an adult video. Get more information on Lutfullah Niazi’s Twitter viral clip.


According to the latest reports issued by some trustworthy netizens claiming that the video has been recorded by the activist himself. The video is showing him along with a woman. However, the woman is unidentified, the video is covering both of their bare body. The video is getting shared rapidly by the users making it one of the Internet sensations. It is surfacing on Twitter, Reddit, and even on Whatsapp. The face of the artist is quite clear in the video. He has been identified as DG Narcotics deployed in Punjab.

Apart from that, the woman seems in the video has been identified as Syed Tabassum. The lady has associated as an advocate with Lala Musa Government College. The entire news is even covered by some of the major news websites and local news channels. The video occurred last Friday that covered Chief General DG Narcotic Punjab named Lutfullah Niazi along with advocate Syeda Tabassum. So, far it is unclear whether the video has been posted with the consent of the couple or if it had been posted mistakenly. Both the departments are enquiring about the complete matter.

The matter has become the talk of the town due to the involvement of two of the biggest personality. It is assumed that both the personalities are in love with each other. Well, there isn’t much available for both the people. As of now, we came to know that DG Narcotics Punjab Lutfullah Niazi, belonged to Madras, Chennai, India.

His father was associated with Indian Railway Department. He even gained a degree in bachelor in Arts. We will get back to you with more information as soon as it is confirmed by any of the trustworthy sources. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.


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