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Who Is Kavya Madhavan? Crime Branch summons Kavya Madhavan for interrogation – Age, Instagram, and, more!


Who Is Kavya Madhavan? Crime Branch summons Kavya Madhavan for interrogation – Age, Instagram, and, more!: On social media, it has been seen that Dileep’s wife Kavya Madhavan was questioned in a sexual abuse case. Kavya Madhavan was a South Indian actress. She was served in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam films. She worked for many films but she only goes with the South Indian Films because going to the other films was a difficult task for her. Also, the language barrier was there and some cultural differences will there so she opts for the Tamilian films. While working in the film industry for more than a decade, she gained a lot of experience and met some bad people who were trying to use her body to take her to the movies. She faced this type of situation in many areas. But she never chose the wrong path. Follow More Update On

Kavya Madhavan

Who Is Kavya Madhavan?

One day something bad will happen to her. She was abducted and molested in her car by some unknown persons. At first, they look like the production team members but after halfway, she found out that something is wrong with these guys. They were trying to touch her and trying to have a physical relationship with her.

Crime Branch summons Kavya Madhavan for interrogation

When she told the guys that stopped, you are getting so close to me for no reason. These guys immediately stopped the car and tries to rapped her. That night was brutal for her. The incident happened on February 17, 2017. After rapped, these unknown persons will escape into the busy area and left her alone. When the passerby saw the Kavya, they called the police and informed the whole incident.

Kavya Madhavan: Age, Instagram

She told the police what will happen exactly to her. Now, the cops have filed the complaint and they are investigating it. It took over one year to reach the victim. Those who were involved in the sexual assault case they were now in the hands of cops. A total of 10 guys were there who rapped her.

Kavya Madhavan Children

Their identities did not reveal to the public. Their families and their wives were not known yet as the police did not want to spread the information in the media. It was reported that those guys who rapped her are on the wanted list. They commit small crimes in the past. Cops are giving hints to the media that Dilip was also included in her rape case.


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