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Who Is Jacob Oulanyah Current Wife In 2022? Winnie Amuao Okote Divorce Reason Revealed


Winnie Amuao Okote was Jacob Oulanyah’s wife, with whom he divorced in 2016. Continue reading to learn more about the couple’s relationship and how it ended.

Jacob Oulanyah Current Wife

According to material that has surfaced on the internet, agricultural economist, lawyer, and politician Jacob Oulanyah represented Uganda in the 11th Parliament of Uganda and served as its speaker until he was officially pronounced dead on March 20, 2022.

Many of his well-known acquaintances, as well as his family, were stunned by the news. This is a truth they will not embrace. His abrupt death has created a lot of talk, and it has come as a big shock to those who are serving his country. Many of his followers were bombarded with grief and memory messages on the internet.

Who Is Jacob Oulanyah Current Wife?

Lady Winnie Amuao Okote was Jacob Oulanyah’s wife. He and his wife have two children, but their names are unknown. His wife was the House of Representatives’ Deputy Speaker.

They had a nice friendship growing up. However, their general connection has been harmed by some of their arguments. His wife, on the other hand, had a significant impact on his life.

She was always there for him, whether he was in a bad or good position. She was always close by, ready to give him a push-up if he needed one.

Winnie Amuao Okote Divorce – Children And Family.

The deputy speaker of Congress, Ms. Winnie Amuao Okote, has revealed that she attempted everything she could to make her marriage to Jacob Oulanyah a failure.

He and his wife had two daughters together. He did not gain custody of his children after he divorced his wife. He was allowed to visit the children in exchange for advance notification.

Amu replied that she would honor her husband’s wishes and allow the divorce to proceed. Amoo said in an email correspondence with New Vision that she was looking forward to divorce because she needed to get away from all the stress, and she would follow his wishes, according to Divorce Petition No. 49 of 2015, which was filed on July 22 in the Family Chamber of the Kampala High Court by Omoro County Councillor Oulanyah.

He had seen the petition, she affirmed. She, on the other hand, disputes charges that she sexually molested Oulanyah’s elder children and put him in severe pain. Instead, she remarked that in the United States of America, she felt forced to care for her family alone.


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