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Who Is Derek Cortez Stribling? Lakeland Teacher Arrested On Molestation of A Minor As Per The Recent Press Release


Derek Cortez Stribling is a fictional character. In this post, we’ll tell you everything we’ve learned about the Lakeland instructor who was arrested for molestation of a minor and the allegations he faces.

Derek Cortez Stribling is best remembered as a Lakeland instructor who was imprisoned for sexually molesting a minor.

Grady Judd, the sheriff of Polk County, is also anticipating a busy Friday.

According to the sheriff’s office, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd will also provide an update on a homicide that occurred in Winter Haven in January, as well as the recent arrests of a Lakeland teacher and a Polk County firefighter.

At 11 a.m. on Friday, Judd is scheduled to speak at the sheriff’s operating center in Winter Haven.

Who Is Lakeland Teacher Derek Cortez Stribling?

Derek Cortez, a 39-year-old Lakeland instructor, has been charged with child indecent abuse.

Derek Cortez Stribling, 39, is a teacher at Lakeland’s Crossroads Christian School, which is on Old Polk City Rd.

According to the sheriff’s office, Derek Cortez Stribling was arrested for lewd/lascivious molestation of a juvenile, lewd/lascivious behavior, offenses against students by an authorized person, and disseminating damaging material to a child.

Derek Cortez Stribling: Arrested On Molestation of A Minor: Charges Explained

Derek Cortez Stribling has been arrested, although no charges have been filed against him.

The claims, on the other hand, were made against two students, according to the news organization. Stribling is a teacher at Lakeland’s Crossroads Christian School, which is located on Old Polk City Road.

Richard Dalton Battle, 24, was also arrested for lewd and lascivious conduct, among other things, according to the sheriff’s office. He is a fireman, according to authorities.


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