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Who Is Brandy Mcgowan? Florida Woman Tased In VIDEO For Pulling Out Knife In Walmart


Who Is Brandy Mcgowan? Florida Woman Tased In VIDEO For Pulling Out Knife In Walmart: You will shock, when will you read this article that, a woman could do these things, it is quite difficult to understand and believe but it is absolutely true. If you are confused, what am I talking about, so when would you read you would be shocked like another person. Follow More Update On

Brandy McGowan

Who Is Brandy Mcgowan?

A shocking video shows the moment a deputy tased a Florida woman who was threatening customers and staff with a knife inside a Walmart store. This is very shocking news, you would surprise or not tell us. Reporters said Brandy McGowan, a career criminal, was high on meth on March 30 when she entered the Walmart store and began threatening shopping and employees with a brick.

Brandy Mcgowan Video Explained

As per her first, she moved through the store, she reportedly set down the brick, tore open a background pocket knife, and began waving it at those around her, while incoherently hobbling all the time. She was threatening people. On Wednesday, March 30, 2022, Deputy Christopher Write arrested Brandy McGowan for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

As per the investigation, she learned that McGowan entered the business wielding a brick and began threatening customers as she was walking around. She then located a pocket knife for safe and began opening the packaging with a  pair of scissors from the store. Once the knife was open, she continued to threaten employees and customers until Deputy Witte and Detective discovered that she was threatening people with the handling weapon. She was discovered with approximately four grams of methamphetamine earlier in the day. She was the first transported to the hospital. After the investigation, she was sent to jail.

So If you were not believing the fact, then now you have to believe in it. A woman could also do this kind of activity. you could not judge a person by his/her face, his/her character and behavior defined the person. So whenever to travel and go to a new place, we should not believe in someone completely. Every aspect has its own negative and positive aspects, so whenever you do not aware of the consequences of the viral fact.

She has been sent to jail by the Deputy of the area and it is hoped that she would have become a good citizen and would be given support to tackle other situations for this time for the nation and its security.


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