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Who Is Alexey Bychkov? Russian Soldier On Twitter & Reddit, Assault News


Alexey Bychkov, a Russian soiler, is accused of rapping a 1-year-old child in Ukraine and posting the video on Telegram.

Russian Soldier Assault News

A 24-year-old Russian soldier raped and shot a one-year-old girl. After that, he posted it online and dubbed it his “brave move.” On the internet, a large number of people are expressing their opinions on the subject.

Let’s find out who the offender is and what his charges are.

Alexey Bychkov: Who Is He?

Alexey Bychkov is a young soldier in the Russian Federation’s armed services. According to his citizenship, he was born on May 1, 1997, and is currently 24 years old. He also possesses a passport with a date of May 12, 2011.

He also obtained his driver’s license on October 8, 2015, and currently resides in Krasnodar Territory.

A enraged group of Twitter users leaked all of Alexey’s personal information. They reacted to his child’s sexual abuse video in their own unique way, revealing all of his personal information to the public.

Apart from his military service, little is known about his professional and educational history.

Alexey Bychkov is a Russian soldier

Alexey’s controversial video of himself torturing a little girl and shooting her has been circulating on various platforms such as Reddit and Twitter since he posted it.

There are a few insensitive people who are actively hunting for it, and another group is assisting in its dissemination. However, we expect it to be removed soon because it violates Twitter’s community guidelines. It is easy to propagate such articles on Reddit, which is a venue for questionable information.

Netizens are outraged at the prospect of a young soldier committing such a horrific crime. Plus, the boldness to tape it and broadcast it to his own channel demonstrates that nothing frightens him.

On social media, people have been throwing up on the man and making remarks about the occurrence in complete disbelief.

Is Alexey Bychkov Arrested?

The news of Alexey Bychkov’s arrest has yet to make the rounds on the internet. What he did was a heinous crime that deserves life in jail or the death penalty, and people are waiting for more details to emerge.

For the time being, only individuals on the internet are expressing their displeasure with the man and the video he made.


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