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Which Fish Contain Omega 3?


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If you want to know which fish contain omega 3, then you are at the right place. This article is going to tell you some of them; it will also tell you the best among them so that you will know what to look for when buying a fishoil supplement.

Omega3 is an essential fatty acid (EFA), meaning that it is one of the important nutrients your body needs but cannot manufacture. There are plant sourced and animal sourced omega 3s; however, the best source is fish because it contains dha and epa. Plants such as flax contain ALA, the problem is that your body cannot use ALA unless it is first converted to dha and epa.


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Now, which fish contain omega 3? Every fish in the wild contain the vital fatty acid; however, it is important to note that fish do not manufacture omega-3; they get it from the plankton which they eat. Therefore, those who have more plankton to eat contain more omega 3. That is why those found in the cold waters of Alaska, Norway and New Zealand have more omega3; plankton grow more in very cold waters.

Small fish such as tuna, salmon, sardine and hoki also contain more omega 3 because they totally depend on plankton for food; meanwhile the bigger ones such as catfish, shark and cod contain less because the are predators (they eat more of other smaller fish).

One major problem we have in these modern days is over fishing, which has depleted the fish in the wild; hence, there are so many fish farms all over the place. The fish caught from these farms do not contain omega 3 because they do not feed on plankton; so that salmon you buy from that grocery shop may not contain any omega-3. That fish oil supplement that claims to contain ‘pure salmon oil’ may also be lacking in the much needed omega-3.

However, there is one fish that is not yet over-fished; it is called hoki which is found in the cold pristine waters of New Zealand. The hoki fishery is well regulated and sustainable; hence when you buy hoki fish or supplements that contain hoki oil, you will be sure that you are getting the necessary omega 3.

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