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Where Is C Murder Wife Dione Miller Now? Divorce Reason


Many people have been wondering if C Murder, Corey Miller’s alter ego, is still married to his wife Dione Miller. To learn more about his dating status, continue reading further.

Corey Miller, better known as C Murder, is an American rapper and songwriter. For the murder of 16-year-old Steve Thomas, he is serving a life sentence.

He first gained notoriety as a member of TRU, his brother’s No Limit Records band. Miller is presently serving his time in jail at the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

Two of the witnesses in his trial have come forward to suggest that police pushed them to testify against him. The announcement triggered an outpouring of criticism concerning their proof.

Miller has asked for retrials on behalf of himself and his entire family.

 Is C Murder Married To His Wife Dione Miller In 2022? Update

C-Murder and his wife Dione Miller are currently unmarried. Miller, according to sources, has already broken up with Dione and gone her separate ways.

To date, Miller has been in two relationships. Meanwhile, he is still single and serving his time in prison for the murder.

As a result, there aren’t many updates on his relationship on the Internet because he’s in prison. He has now made headlines after witnesses in his case came forward to allege they testified falsely.

How Many Children Does C Murder Have?

C Murder is the father of Alexis Miller, his only kid, which he welcomed with Monica. In the past, the former couple dated for a long time.

His daughter and ex-girlfriend Monica have spoken out in support of the rapper’s innocence. She also enlisted the help of her close friend Kim Kardashian in the investigation.

Paul Barker, the rapper’s lawyer, filed a memorandum at the 24th Judicial District Court on Tuesday.

C-Murder Divorce Reason; His New Wife Details

Despite the fact that C Murder and his ex wife, Dione Miller, have already divorced, they have never stated the reason for their split on the internet.

Meanwhile, he has remained tight-lipped about his new wife. However, in the past, the rapper made news for reuniting with his ex-girlfriend Monica.

On the Internet, neither of them has ever spoken about their connection.


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