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When And Where To Watch It Online? Check Details


The Kashmir Files is widely regarded as one of the year’s most successful and divisive films. The picture caused a stir not just at the box office, but also in the legislature. Along with being one of the most successful films of the year, it also became the most talked-about issue of the year. The picture sparked heated arguments on news networks and even put some big-budget movies in serious competition. Vivek Agnihotri, the director, created havoc at the box office alongside the story of the flight of Kashmiri Hindus. Now, it appears that the film is nearing the end of its theatrical run and is preparing for its digital distribution. Find out more about the OTT release of The Kashmir Files.

The Kashmir Files OTT Release Date: When And Where To Watch It Online? Check Details

The film will always be remembered as one of the most dynamic films in Hindi cinema history. Even in its third week, it was one of those films that had all houseful shows. The film has gotten a lot of positive feedback from the audience. Despite the fact that many influential and inconsequential people opposed the film, it was a commercial success despite all odds.

OTT Release Date for The Kashmir Files

Returning to the film’s internet debut, The Kashmir Files is set to air on Zee 5 on May 13, 2022. So, for those who missed out on seeing the movie in theatres, you can now view it in your own home. So far, the film has been regarded as the highest-grossing Hindi film of 2022. It was released on March 11, 2022, to a lot of fanfare, and it kicked off an unexpected theatrical trip. It was initially only released on 630 screens, but due to the film’s extraordinary popularity, it was later expanded to 4,000 screens.

Previously, the film’s producers planned for it to be released on January 26th, coinciding with the current year’s republic day. However, because to pandemic guidelines, the film’s release date was postponed. Later, the filmmakers decided on March 11th as the film’s premiere date. It exceeded its budget on the second day of release, and with the passage of time, it became the most commercially successful film in India in the aftermath of the pandemic, as well as the first to surpass the amount of 250 crores.

With 339.49 crores in worldwide receipts against a production budget of 15 crores, the film is holding its head high. So, don’t forget to see the film’s internet premiere on May 13th and learn about history.


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