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What Was Sergio Chejfec Cause Of Death? Famous Author Dead At 66, Funeral Updates & Obituary!


Sergio Chejfec dies, he is 66 years old and he lived in New York since 2005. He used to write novels, poetry, and brief stories. He lived through the transition from the violent decade of the 1970s to the democratic life of the 1979s. He was known as the benchmark of the writers of this generation. He used to introduce literature and seminars in inventive writing. This Saturday, the death of Argentine writer Sergio Chejfec was announced. He faced physical pancreatic cancer. It was an obvious deterioration that he faced recently. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!!

Sergio Chejfec Death Reason

Sergio Chejfec Death Reason

His death caused sadness and pain in Argentine and Latin American literature and he was a much-loved artist. The author teaches courses and a creative writing program in Spanish at New York University and in Argentinenhe teaches two master’s agendas. He was born in Buenos Aires in 1956, he started working as a bookseller, driver, and worker. In 1990 he decided to move to Caracas and became the staff of Nuevas Sociedad, and social sciences magazines. He published numerous poems such as Three poems and Compassion, The visitor (2017).

Sergio Chejfec: Funeral Updates & Obitaury

He said for writers The world is a linguistic construction, and it is a world without gender or linearity driven through the experience of prose. Installation of books is the idea that is a semi-hidden system that does not present a single path part of the hierarchy of parts. It is not a folding puzzle or a book that can be referred to as wholeness. He doesn’t mind continuing the author’s latest writing news’s how they are presented in semi- re organic units of new books.

Sergio Chejfec: Wikipedia Biography & Age

Republishing interest, but making reborn as part of the desire to boost and re-write divide or reduce. Exercising the violence, and that’s how they present semi in- organic units for the new books. He has been compared to Juan Jose which he finds praising but not accurate. Argentine culture and history are some of the recurring themes in his work. Jis novels usually featured a slow-paced narration that interweaves a mini al plot of reflections. Chejfec’s facility at the Kochi Muziris Biennale 2017 was based on his novel Baroni, a journey.


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