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What Was Meda Mladkova Cause Of Death? Czech Art Collector, Patron Dead At 102, Funeral & Obituary News!


A piece of very sad news came and get on all over the social media and the internet about the demise of Meda Mladkova, the news is about a very famous and popular collector of Czech art and a historian who is a very huge promotor of Frantisek Kupka. She is 102 years old at the time of her demise. she is a very famous personality who had a huge fan following among every individual. this news is declared by the museum of Kampa where Meda Mladkova created a very huge impact. Many individuals are surfing the internet to get news about her. we are here to help and give you every possible detail about her, so stay tuned to our blog page to get every update about Meda Mladkova’s personal and professional life. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Meda Mladkova Death Reason

Meda Mladkova has always been a great human being, who sees this world as a beautiful artwork of the god. she always loves every individual and tries to help needy people. she is a great patriot .according to the information, it is said that she lived most of the part of her life abroad. the Czech nation lives in her heart .she said she is in love with this nation. She is a great supporter of cultures and traditions .she said that a nation is lived by her culture .so if the cultures survive nation will also survive. According to the information Meda Mladkova get born on the 8th of September 1919 in Zakupy. she had an interest in political science so she studies political science in Geneva in the year 1948.

Meda Mladkova: Wikipedia & Funeral

but at the time when communists take over Czechoslovakia, she did not come back and moved to Paris, she did not even complete her graduation. her husband is a Czech banker .he completed her studies in arts subject from Sorbonne. Meda Mladkova like the work of Czech-born pioneers of art. both became very close friends. But unfortunately, he gets died from cancer in the year 1957, at that time Meda Mladkova got depressed but her husband promise her happiness he arrange a huge exhibition of the works of her friends.

Meda Mladkova: Funeral & Obituary

The couple sells their house for buying expensive paint for Kupka  .the house is situated in Washington and gets sold for $950,000.but the efforts and hard work of immense year shows their result and make a collection of watercolors, pencils, pastel colors. the news of the unfortunate demise of Meda Mladkova shocked everyone .many famous personalities and individuals pay tributes to her. her fans and followers wish prayers and condolences message to her and her family


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