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What Was Amelia Laguerre Cause Of Death? Cops Identify Northway Health Worker Shot In New York, Obituary & Funeral!


So, this shooting incident is getting popular since it has come up in the public and the news has gone wider and people have bee shifted to homicide cases. The victim of this shooting was Amelia. On Thursday night this case was reported by the police shooting incident in which a health worker got shot. Officers are looking into these cases of who got fired in New Hyde Park. Kindly read the article till the last one that has in the downward section. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!!!

Amelia Laguerre Death Reason

Amelia Laguerre Death Reason

Police say that it was a targeted incident according to the official news health worker who was the victim had served a decade in the health. Police are not releasing the information and the victim’s background. Amelia’s car when he was inside, Northwell is getting the loss for the teammates and friends. Police also say it was a targetted which was being fired at Amelia’s car. Northwell said it was a tragic death and provides counseling to the workers. The investigators said to the public that anyone had information or people linked with this case.

How Did Amelia Laguerre Die?

Informer will be kept covered and he is free to give a call anytime. They are following every step and hoping that they will the suspect soon. People can give call Crime stoppers at 18 -00-244- TIPS. According to the reports this incident took place at night and was shot many times. There are many things to talk about and the following article story was converted briefly this story. After going through the incident police said he was the worker at Northwell Health in which a middle-aged woman lost her life.

Amelia Laguerre: Funeral & Obituary

And she is identified as Amelia’s Laguerre which took place in North New Hyde Park on Thursday night. The culprit after killing the detective is desperately tracked by the police. According to police, she was shot 5 times and the culprit was waiting for her in the parking lot. The victim was 33 years old she was the mother of 6 children which is not out yet in that media. Amelia’s family was not aware of this murder and they are on the way to reach the police. She was designated as a health worker and she was working for 10 years as a North Health worker.


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