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Was Mona Kizz At The Dubai Porta Potty? Bio, Age, Wikipedia, And Death Cause


After jumping from the Al Fahad hotel in Dubai, Karungi Monic, alias Mona Kizz, is making headlines on the internet. Let us learn more about Monic.

Karungi Monic, also known as Mona Kizz, was a Ugandan model who is now well-known; following her death, a video of her falling off a hotel in Dubai became viral on social media.

We can notice from her social media posts that she has collaborated with various brands. Her Instagram bio also indicates that she was a business owner. She used to publish various videos about her daily life on her profile.

And now, her fans are devastated by Mona’s death, and they are anxious to learn more about the tragedy in Dubai that claimed Mona’s life.

Was Mona Kizz At The Dubai Porta Potty When She Died?

People were anxious to know if Mona Kizz was at the Dubai Porta Potty after hearing about her death in the media. It’s unclear whether she used the Dubai Porta Potty or not at this time.

Some people may be unaware of the practise, which is said to be practised by influencers and other young ladies in exchange for money or gifts. According to the report, these women let people to evacuate on them in order to obtain bags, shoes, and otherworldly items.

Following her Instagram pictures, users assumed Kizz was visiting the Dubai Porta Potty. Apart from that, they are now heartbroken by the death of Kizz, who committed suicide by jumping from a window seven stories above the ground. It’s unclear why she threw herself out of the hotel, although it’s been suggested that she was despondent and struggling to put on a brave face.

Mona Kizz Age, Bio & Wiki

Mona Kizz was only 23 years old when she died. She was born in the summer of 1998. Kizz was also a well-known Instagram user and one of the most well-known models from the African country. Furthermore, she was attempting to get into the modelling profession, and some sources suggested that Kizz had shared some racy images of herself at one point.

And while all of Mona’s family members and close friends are mourning her death, they have remained silent about it. Furthermore, no media outlets have contacted them to discuss the matter. As a result, there isn’t much information regarding her family’s background.

Mona Kizz’s Instagram Page

Mona Kizz was a frequent Instagram user with the handle @mona.kizz.52. She used to post various videos and photographs about her lifestyle on her profile.

Based on her social media posts, we may presume Kizz was having a good time.


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