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Was Alibaba CEO Jack Ma Arrested? Rumour Hoax Explained


Was Alibaba CEO Jack Ma Arrested? Rumour Hoax Explained: The arrest news of Alibaba Jack Ma is currently covering the headlines of the newspaper. Netizens are keen to know more about it and search for authentic news for valid information. Jack Ma was or was not arrested is one of the most searched questions on Binge and Google. He was reported to be detained on national security. Jac Ma is a Chinese business mogul, investor, and philanthropist. The world knows him as the establisher of the Alibaba Group, a multinational technological conglomerate. Follow More Update On

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma Arrested

Was Alibaba CEO Jack Ma Arrested?

Not only this but Ma was also the ex-executive chairman, and co-owner of the private equity business Yunfeng Capital and he is a loyal supporter of a market-driven, open economy. He is widely regarded as an unofficial global ambassador for the Chinese industry and a strong player in the startup scene. Keep on reading to know more about it.

No, Jack Ma Was Not Detained On National Security

Jack Ma set the web into chaos after he vanished for quite some time, which made people believe that he was detained on national security. He did not come back to the public eye until late January. There was hearsay that he had been placed under home arrest or otherwise imprison in the interim. The outspoken billionaire mysteriously disappeared in the month of November 2020, on the verge of another commercial success.

Alibaba, the company of Ma, has grown from a small online store run out of his flat to one of the most significant tech conglomerates in the world. With services like online shopping, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, it now has an estimated 800 million users. The software mogul is known for his magnate is known for his outgoing personality and publicity stunts.

GT’s Hu Xijin Rejects The Jack Ma Detain Reports 

Hearsay has spread throughout the world after Jack Ma was not in the spotlight for a few months, but GT’s Hu Xijin rejected all the stories. Ma made his last public appearance on 24th October in Shanghai. He delivered a speech in which he was openly critical of the financial industry of China. Authorities responded a few days later. The ant IPO was canceled, and Ma was summoned to Beijing for “regulatory interviews.”

Since the month of October, as per Forbes, there have been only 6 “reports” of the activities of Jack Ma, all of which are unusual suspiciously indirect, and imprecise.


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