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Video About Not Tipping Delivery Drivers Goes Viral And Sparks An Online Debate » TmZ Blog


Video About Not Tipping Delivery Drivers Goes Viral and Sparks an Online Debate » TmZ Blog #Video #Tipping #Delivery #Drivers #Viral #Sparks #Online #Debate #TmZ Blog Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

To tip or not to tip…that is the question for some people when it comes to DoorDash and other food delivery services. And a video that went viral on TikTok claims that not tipping will make some delivery drivers ignore your order and you’ll be waiting longer for your meal.
The TikTokker who posted the video said that two bags sitting at McDonald’s for over ten minutes have been ignored because the person who placed the order didn’t include a tip. Theyadded text over the video that says, No drivers have picked it up cause NO TIP NO TRIP.”

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TikTok users had some differing opinions about the video.
One person said, I dont mind tipping, but it should be done when the service is completed not beforehand. Another viewer agreed and added, I tip after I get my stuff. [Tipping before] is like paying for something you don’t have.
But some people agreed with this tactic.
Another comment said, No tip, no trip thats right.” And another argued, Dashers are independent contractors. They have the right to choose higher pay orders.
A person who works for DoorDash said, As an occasional DoorDash driver, I have taken multiple no tip orders and was not given a tip after delivery. No longer will take no tip orders.
And another individual added, DoorDash drivers do not make enough without a tip, same with Uber and Lyft.”

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