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Twitter Raises Fury Over Soldier Aleksey Bychkov Accused Of Assault On Toddler, Here Is An Update


Aleksey Bychvkov is a Russian soldier, according to reports. On social media, he is currently trending.

Today, the name Aleksey Bychvkov has been floating on social media. However, it is not about anything positive. He has committed a horrific act that has shook the people to their core while also making them loathe him.

Soldier Aleksey Bychkov: Who Is He?

Aleksey Bychvkov is believed to be a member of the Russian Federation’s Armed Forces. Unfortunately, no other information about him can be found on the internet.

He has, however, become a social media sensation after sharing a video of himself sexually assaulting a one-year-old toddler in Ukraine. According to several online users, the video was shared using Telegram.

They alleged he humiliated and entered the baby in the video while calling it a fierce video. As a result, he’s been labeled a pedophile, and netizens are outraged.

The tipster who originally revealed his heinous activities also included a link to his VK profile. His current residence, according to his profile, is in Stavropol, Krai.

His current location, according to a Tweet, is Pobedy Street 22/1, Afipsky, Krasnodar region. In addition, Kievka is his hometown.

He has multiple images of himself in his army uniform in his profile, indicating that he is a soldier. However, no action has been taken against him, further infuriating the public.

Assault on a toddler by Aleksey Bychkov sparks outrage on Twitter.

People sent a series of tweets expressing their outrage over Aleksey Bychkov’s alleged assault on Toddler. People are appalled by what he did and have labeled him as evil.

They’ve been venting their frustrations on social media and attempting to locate him in any way possible. Some are even claiming to know where he is right now, but it’s unclear whether the information is accurate.

Furthermore, no evidence of government involvement has been found. The incident has not been reported in the media. As a result, members of the public are doing everything they can to bring the issue to the notice of the media and authorities.

Reddit Discussion To Follow About Aleksey Bychkov

The original Reddit post detailing Aleksey Bychkov’s heinous deeds has been removed. The person stated that he does not wish to post any links related to such a heinous incident.

Other users on the network also voiced their opinions on the subject. Some people expressed their outrage by saying that if they were the Russian government, they would execute such a soldier right away.

Some claimed that the criminal will face retribution because Karma does not abandon anyone.


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