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Tributes Pour In As “Soludo’s aide” dead at 62


What was Joe Anatune’s name, and how did he die? Tributes pour in when “Soludo’s aide” passes away at the age of 62: Joe Anatune, the chief executive officer of the Anambra State Signage and Advertising Agency, died on Saturday at the age of 62. On social media, the news of his death has gone viral. On social media networks, people have been paying tribute to him. He was a great man with a large fan base all around the world. The news of his death comes as a shock to her family and friends, who are grieving deeply. People have been curious about Joe Anatune since the news of his death became public. We’ll go over some important details about him in this piece, so stay tuned.

Joe Anatune, who was he?

He died on Saturday, a few days after celebrating his 62nd birthday, according to exclusive reports. Apart from that, Charles Soludo, the state governor, recently named him as the head of the Anambra advertising agency. His death was recently announced, and everyone was taken aback. After hearing the news of his demise, all of his admirers are devastated. All of his coworkers and friends are extending their condolences and prayers to his loved ones.

Joe Anatune’s Cause of Death

Joe was the director of communications and media for the Soludo campaign before becoming the boss of the Anambra advertising agency. Prof Soludo verified Joe’s death and expressed his sadness and disbelief over the news. Mr. Christian Aburime, Soludo’s Chief Press Secretary, said in a press release that the Governor was shocked and saddened to learn of Joe Anatune’s death. He described him as one of the project’s most ardent supporters. “He launched the Soludo Promoters Forum (SPF) and used the forum for two years to engage professionals in mainstream politics,” the statement continued.

What caused Joe Anatune’s death?

Joe Anatune will be much missed, according to the Governor. Ify Anatune, his wife, and her children were his family. Joe Anatune’s death has shocked the entire town of Awa. His family is currently going through a difficult period. Joe was one of his family’s most adored members. His family, which includes his wife and children, survives him. Joe Anatune, who was 62 years old, died on Saturday. We pray that God would give his family and friends strength. May his spirit find eternal rest.


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