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The Murder Of Jamie Faith American Airlines, Update On Her Family Today


Jennifer Faith, Jamie Faith’s wife, has admitted to tracking out her husband’s killer and plotting his assassination. Learn more about the couple by scrolling down.

Jamie Faith, a manager with American Airlines, was shot and killed outside his home in Dallas, Texas. Jamie and his wife Jennifer went out for a morning walk with their dog at the time.

Just a second before an unknown man shot him to death, a camera outside their home captured the last image of them. Jamie was shot three times in the head, three times in the chest, and once in the crotch by the man.

Jennifer claimed she was also assaulted and duct-taped during the incident. Jamie was declared dead on the spot.

Jamie Faith, an American Airlines manager, was murdered

Jennifer Faith implored the killer to come forward in a local TV appearance after Jamie Faith was murdered in their home. Immediately following her husband’s death, a GoFundMe page was set up to assist her and their daughter.

Authorities uncovered something surprising on her phone as she was raising support online. They discovered she was having an emotional affair with Darrin Lopez, an Army veteran.

Lopez had been her high school sweetheart all along. They had reconnected since March 2020, according to call records, and had been conversing for hours since then.

Lopez was arrested in Tennessee on January 11, 2021. They discovered a possible murder weapon when they checked the vehicle.

According to CBS, they also discovered credit cards in Jennifer Faith’s name, as well as a mask that matched Jennifer’s description of the face mask.

Jennifer was the one who arranged her husband’s murder, Lopez subsequently admitted. He also stated driving from Tennessee to Texas to photograph Jamie Faith.

Jennifer Faith, Jamie Faith’s wife, was arrested

On February 24, 2021, Darrin Lopez was arrested for obstruction of justice following his statement. After seven months, she was accused with murder for hire by the authorities.

Furthermore, they discovered that she was using GoFundMe money to treat her high-school sweetheart with gifts after additional research.

Jeniffer had bought him a television as well as a plane ticket to a different state. Because the GoFundMe page has a zero-tolerance policy for fraud, anybody who gave to this account received a complete refund.

Aside from that, she used emails sent from fictitious accounts to stoke his enmity. Jennifer claimed to be Jamie and demonstrated that “Jamie” boasted about abusing his wife emotionally and sexually.

What Has Happened to Jamie Faith’s Family?

In 2012, Jamie Faith and Jennifer Faith married. He not only acknowledged her daughter from a prior marriage after the wedding, but he also adopted her and welcomed her into the family.

They moved from Arizona to the Dallas neighborhood in 2017. The couple’s daughter’s information is not available on the internet.


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