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Suhani Throws Divorce Papers At Ansh


The latest episode of Sirf Tum starts with Suhani. She asks Ansh to sign the papers and let her go from his life. Ansh smiles and asks if she believes he will leave her this easily. He asks her to wait to watch. Meanwhile, Ranveer comes there. He tells Ansh that he will show his rightful place to him and asks him just wait. He takes Ansh to the hall and was about to hit him with the vase when Asha comes. Asha begs Ranveer to not harm her son.

Sirf Tum serial

Ranveer tells Asha that he will not tolerate even the reflection of Ansh on Suhani. He threatens her to burn Ansh alive if he did anything to Suhani. Ansh says that Suhani is his wife and he can not come between them. Suhani interrupts and says that she used to be his wife not anymore. Suhani angrily tosses divorce papers on Ansh and says that they share no relationship from now on.

Suhani says that she has signed the papers and confesses her love to Ranveer. Suhani adds that she had once taken the decision under pressure and will rectify it now. Asha hears the conversation and gets shocked to see the divorce papers. She goes ahead to pick those up. Suhani tells Asha that she only loves Ranveer and can not live without him. Asha asks Suhani to think carefully and asks her to sit and talk. Asha says that she will make Ansh understand and will sort things up.

Suhani apologizes to Asha and says that she can not live with him anymore. Ranveer also says that Ansh was nothing but Suhani’s nightmare but now she is awakened. Ranveer holds Suhani’s hands and says that she belongs to him. Ansh gets angry as Ranveer walks away with Suhani holding hands. After they leave, Asha tells Ansh that he is shocked to learn that Suhani has signed divorce papers. Ansh asks her not to worry and says that Suhani was her daughter-in-law and will always remain.

Ansh promises Asha that Suhani and Ranveer will never marry. Here, Mamta is sitting in the hall. Roshni comes and asks Mamta what is she thinking about and asks if she thinks Ranveer’s decision to marry Suhani is wrong. Mamta says that Ranveer loves Suhani and can do anything he wants. Keep following Social Telecast to get all the written updates and episodes. Stay tuned!


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