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Steven Ray Hessler Wikipedia & Age, Shelby Country Killer Given 650 Years In Prison Over 1980 Assaults


Between 1982 and 1985, Steven Ray Hessler was convicted of a series of sexual assaults. In Shelby County, he was sentenced to 650 years in jail.

The individual who broke into the residence at night, armed with a knife or a gun, could not be identified by police. He used to abuse the victims by waking them up and sexually torturing them.

The man used to wear a large coat and a ski mask or leggings to conceal his identity. Authorities finally recognised the individual as Steven Ray Hessler after nearly 35 years.

The DNA was retrieved from the envelope of a water bill that Hessler had licked by the prosecutors. They later matched the DNA left at the scene of his final known crime in the county, which occurred on Aug. 17, 1985.

Is Steven Ray Hessler On Wikipedia? Age Details

The case of Steven Ray Hessler, who is 59 years old, has yet to be documented on the official Wikipedia website. Authorities in nearby Decatur County, Indiana, found him guilty of rape in 1990.

At the time, he had served ten years in prison. He wasn’t linked to the Shelby County case until DNA from the most recent local crime scene was sent.

Parabon NanoLabs is a company established in that employs DNA technology to assist in the solving of cold cases.

They investigated into his residence in August 2020 and discovered further evidence linking him to the decades-old assaults.

650 Years of Assault Charges by Steven Ray Hessler Explained!

Authorities have identified Steven Ray Hessler as the perpetrator of the sexual attacks after 35 years. He was given a 650-year jail sentence.

Steven was convicted of two charges of rape and six counts of unlawful deviant conduct by a jury a month before his sentence. He is also charged with seven charges of burglary with bodily injury, three counts of criminal deviant behaviour, and one act of robbery.

Between August 14, 1982, and August 17, 1985, according to the prosecutor. He assaulted ten people: seven women, a 16-year-old girl, and two males, one of whom was a former Marine.

Mr. Landwerlen described Steven as one of the most dangerous, wicked, and sadistic predators in the statement.

Details about the crime committed by Steven Ray Hessle

Steven Ray Hessle used to attack a woman who was alone at home, according to the police. He forced them to do sexual acts and threatened them.

Later, he began assaulting the couple and forced the man to witness the terrible crime. When he broke into someone’s home, he would sometimes lecture the victim on safety precautions.


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