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Seniors, Sick Pets, Rehomed Pets, Returned Pets And More


Celebrating All The ‘Imperfect’ Pets: Seniors, Sick Pets, Rehomed Pets, Returned Pets And More #Celebrating #Imperfect #Pets #Seniors #Sick #Pets #Rehomed #Pets #Returned #Pets Welcome to
PetGroomerNG Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

Here, on ICanHasCheezburger, we celebrate all animals. And we mean all of them. From small to big to choky to weird-looking. We love all pets. But… honestly, the pets that have the most special place in our hearts are the pets that are considered “impawfect”. We’re talking about gorgeous senior pets, awwdorable pets with health issues, pets with past trauma who now have behavioral issues, pets that have been returned to the shelter multiple times for various reasons. It’s those pets that find themselves waiting in shelters for months, and sometimes years, on end, hoping for someone to give them a forever home.

And ICanHas users certainly give them those homes when they need them. When we asked you guys to tell us about your “imperfect” pets so that we could celebrate them, we knew you’d give us some amazing stories, and you did. So, we had to share them with everyone else so that those pets will know that we love them.


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