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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Episode 9th April 2022 Aarav Catches Simar with Samar~!


Sasural Simar Ka 2’s makers have now taken the show to another level in the terms of entertainment and no doubt that people are switching from their favourite shows to SSK2. So, we have been watching for a long time that Oswal’s were not going well but finally, they took a sigh of relief because now things have got sorted because everyone now in the swim that Gagan never shot and attacked Gajendra but it was someone else. So, be here to know what is going to happen tonight in the show.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

So, the latest episode of the show begins with a bunch of people talking to Simar and praising her saying that they heard about her so many times and with the grace of Mata Rani now finally they met her so no they want to work with her and record a song together. Samar looks at her, saying they have to leave now, there Reema asks Vivaan about his credit card, and he asks what will she do with that, she replies that she wants to shop. He then says her that he is not stopping her from shopping and anything else but he just wants to make a request that does not do anything that ashamed him and his family because his family has already done everything worse and as it is Navratri times so she should keep it close in her mind that Simar bhabhi is also not at home so she should be in the limits.

Reema assures her that she will not let his head go down and the family will not even think about Simar. He asks her if she is determined toward what she wants to do and she will not let the doubt come on her. Sandhya and Reema both then leave for shopping where they reached the market Sandhya says that Mata Rani knows what she wants and she will soon fulfill her wishes, suddenly someone from far clicks their pictures.

Heading towards the end of the show you will watch Aarav coming toward Reema and taking her somewhere, where he says that he got the tickets and holds her hand suddenly, her imagination ends. While in the other scene you will watch, Aarav walking toward the temple, while Simar is on the same way as Samar, Aarav sees her and shouts her name loudly. The episode ends here, now watching this is going to be so amazing what Aarav will do next.


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