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Salesforce Tower San Francisco Climbing Arrested: Identified


Salesforce Tower San Francisco Climbing Arrested: Identified: The fans of Spiderman are spread throughout the world. But one fan is currently making the headlines of the newspaper and laded himself to the prison. As per the latest report, A 22-year-old who calls himself the “Pro-Life Spiderman” was detained Tuesday after free climbing to the top of Salesforce Tower, the tallest skyscraper in California, with hopes to raise money for anti-abortion charities. Though his intentions were noble his actions were wrong, his slightest mistake could have put his life in danger. The video of him is currently circulating on the web and creating a stirrup. Follow More Update On

salesforce tower san francisco climbing

Salesforce Tower San Francisco Climbing Arrested

ABC7’s Stephanie Sierra asked that “At any point did you regret it?” In this reply, Deschamps stated, “No…it was fun. I would do it again.” The college student scaled the 1,070-foot building while periodically stopping to use his phone to upload videos to social media. He informed the media outlets that he has been planning the climb for almost a month using Google Maps to assess the building. DesChamps reached SFO early Tuesday morning from Las Vegas where he has presently enrolled as a senior at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

As soon as he got in, he stated he took an Uber directly to Salesforce and started climbing around 09:00 AM. Sierra asked, “Were you scared? No…I cut my feet which means bringing your feet off the wall and I hung one off one hand to view off a little bit ya know?” DesChamps stated prior to giggling. “I wanted to post some videos so they would get out while I was in the prison.” The anti-abortion charities “save lives”. It is not clear how much money has been raised.

“These doctors are literally assassinating these babies on the table and leaving them out to die,” stated by DesChamp. “We are not attempting to shout at the ladies who want to have an abortion, we do not want to accuse them…we just want to let them know there are also other options.”

DesChamps told the media outlet that the only thing that went wrong was that he got thirsty and tired towards the end of the climb. As per his website, the other goal of Des Champ is to get a Washington DC-based obstetrician-gynecologist, Dr. Cesare Santangelo, put in prison for performing abortions. He stated, “I do not have regrets. We are sending a message.”


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