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Ricci Rivero Proposes Andrea Brillantes At A Varsity Game, Here Is Their Relationship Timeline


Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero were rumored to be dating a month ago, and their connection has now been confirmed, prompting speculation as to whether they are married.

Ricci Rivero and Andrea Brillantes are two of the most popular and in-demand actors in the Philippines.

For months, the two had been rumored to be courting.

They’re getting married, according to reports. Let’s take a closer look at the problem.

Are Ricci Rivero & Andrea Brillantes Getting Married? Varsity Game Engagement Video

Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero will not marry.

Today, April 9, varsity player Ricci Rivero of the University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons proposed to Kapamilya star Andrea Brillantes in a viral video spreading on social media.

The video was published on the Facebook page nowhere to go but UP, which is dedicated to all of the athletes at the state institution.

Ricci Rivero won two games on Saturday. Rivero rushed to the scorer’s table and claimed the microphone shortly after the University of the Philippines defeated Far Eastern University 83-76 in the UAAP Season 84 Men’s Basketball Tournament to end its first-round campaign.

In front of the UP faithful who remained, the 23-year-old basketball player/actor asked his special guest, Andrea Brillantes, to be his girlfriend.

As Rivero yelled the question, two admirers approached the rear of the 19-year-old actress, one clutching a black shirt with a “YES” on it and the other a “No.” Of course, Brillantes chose ‘Yes.’

Andrea Brillantes: Relationship Timeline

There isn’t a lot of information on Andrea Brillantes’ past partnerships.

Brillante was dating Filipina model and actor Seth Fedelin in 2020, according to reports.

The couple was over over heads in love and relished the opportunity to spend time together.

Despite the fact that Brillante had known Fedelin for a long time, she had only begun seeing him in May of this year.

Fedelin, her prior lover, shared a photo of the two on Facebook on May 7, 2020, wishing her a happy first anniversary.

However, no information on their breakups has been provided.


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