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Prominent Czech Art Collector Passes Away At 102


The world was shocked to learn of the tragic death of prominent Czech historian and art collector Meda Mladkova. Meda Mladkova passed away on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022. At the time of her death, Meda was 102 years old. Meda was a famous character throughout the twentieth century’s Communist era. Meda was a staunch supporter of artists in Czechoslovakia during the communist era. She fought for the freedom of artists under communist government, and as a result, she spent a lengthy time in exile. Meda designed the renowned Kampa Museum, a prominent art gallery in the centre of Prague.

Meda Mladkova Obituary & Death Cause: Prominent Czech Art Collector Passes Away At 102

The Kampa Museum informed the public of her untimely death. The Kampa Museum issued an official statement announcing the death of prominent historian Meda Mladkova. Meda’s love and patriotism for her country were expressed in an official statement. They also stated that, despite having spent the majority of her life abroad, Meda adored her homeland of Czechoslovakia. She was a great patriot who stood by her country and her people at all times. She adored her country with all of her heart.

Meda Mladkova: Who Was She?

Meda Mladkova was born in the Czech Republic’s Zakupy area on September 8, 1919. At the year 1948, she studied political science in Geneva, Switzerland. It was during the Communist takeover of Czechoslovakia at the time, and as a result, she changed her mind about returning to her homeland after finishing her studies. She relocated to Paris, France, after finishing her studies in Geneva. Despite the fact that she lived in France, her heart was always in Czechoslovakia.

She became a spokesperson for the artists in Czechoslovakia who were persecuted by communists. Later, she married Jan Viktor, a Czech financier who was also exiled in Paris. The pair went to the United States of America after their marriage. Meda’s husband Jan Viktor died in 1989, and communism’s control in Czechoslovakia was waning at the time, so she returned to the country the next year.

Vaclav Havel, the then-president of the Czech Republic, presented her with a state honour in 1999. Many popular leaders and public personalities paid heartfelt tribute to the late Historian as soon as word of her untimely death spread. Netizens also gave the late historian their tributes and sorrow. The death of Meda marks the end of an era. All Czechs will remember her for the rest of their lives.


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