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Photos Leaked On YouTube and Instagram


Total Gaming Face Reveal Ajju Bhai: Photos Leaked On YouTube and Instagram: One of the most popular digital content gaming creators, Ajju Bhai is currently making headlines but this time not for his game but due to his face. Ajju Bhai is a well-known name in the gaming world and he garnered a massive fan following due to his excellent gaming skills. He is also associated with TG Gaming. His actual name is Ajay which is where the introduction about Total Gaming, alas Ajjubhai ENDS. However, apart from his game, his face is always a topic of discussion as everyone wants to see his face. Ajju Bhai is a quiet person and never shares his personal details but this time he creates a buzz after the rumors that he revealed his face. Follow More Update On

Total Gaming Face Reveal Ajju Bhai

Total Gaming Face Reveal Ajju Bhai

Hold on! in the spite of HEARSAY doing the rounds, a notable site InsideSport Esport team can assert AjjuBhai will not disclose his FACE for a few more years. “Why should he disclose his face? He has created his 10Million plus subscriber base by hiding his identity and letting his work be his identity. It is not occurring for a few more years.”, someone working nearly with Total Gaming informed InsideSport.

How The Hearsay Began That Ajjubhai will Disclose his face?

The entire hearsay began that Mythpat’s Challenge to AjjuBhai.

  • Mythpat challenged Ajjubhai to a Free Fire match
  • The condition was if Ajjubhai lose, “he should disclose his face”.
  • On the other side, Mythpat stated he will Quit his channel if he lose.
  • The entire challenge made the GAMING WORLD begin hearsay mongering that AjjuBhai will disclose his face.

The reality is, that AjjuBhai will not disclose his identity anytime soon. He himself in a video uploaded last year had declared that “he will not disclose his identity”. Ajjubhai had uploaded on hi YOUTUBE Channel that “I do not want any fame. I just want to have fun, enjoy the game and create content around it.”

Total Gaming Face Reveal Ajju Bhai Photos: Why He Is So Famous?

He is very famous because of the edgy content he made as well as the know-how he owns about the GAMING industry. As per reports, he is a professional growth hacker and has incredible knowledge in the software field. He also comprehends the pulse of the GAMERS very well. All of this aids him to create content that connects and is liked by the GAMING Community.

One of the biggest reasons why Total Gaming is so famous is its unique streaming commentary style. Recently Total Gaming has finished with 10 Million subscribers on YouTube.


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