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Pennsylvania Police Release Dashcam Video Of Uber Driver Christi Spicuzza, Watch Full CCTV Footage


Today’s weather is causing accidents all over the place, and in Pennsylvania, a 50-vehicle crash on Interstate 81 has led to at least 3 dead and 20 injured. The snow squalls that swept through the state late last night caused a mass of snow to build upon the road, making it difficult for drivers to see and avoid collisions. This is just one of many recent accidents that we’re seeing across the US due to the weather. Heavy snowfall in the Pennsylvania area has led to a 50-vehicle pileup on Interstate 81, resulting in at least three fatalities and 20 injuries. The squalls have been causing major traffic delays and are expected to continue through the evening. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!!

Christi Spicuzza Incident

Christi Spicuzza Incident

If you’re traveling through the area, it’s essential to take extra caution and avoid driving if possible. State police said that the snow squalls were the cause of the accident and that the weather conditions were such that it was difficult for drivers to see clearly. The incident occurred after two tractor-trailers that were traveling northbound collided on the interstate, which was covered with snow at the time. Police report that the accident was likely caused by conditions other than the weather as roads were mostly clear and no precipitation had been recorded at the time of occurrence.

Pennsylvania Police Release Dashcam Video of Christi Spicuzza

At least 3 people have been reported dead and at least 20 others injured after a 50 car pile up on I81 near Milton, PA. Several vehicles were completely crushed under the weight of other cars, leaving first responders little chance to rescue that inside. The officials said the crash happened about 5:30 a.m. in north-central Pennsylvania about 50 miles south of Scranton. It was reported by the state police that three people were killed and at least 20 were injured after several tractor-trailers were involved in a chain-reaction crash on Interstate 81.

Christi Spicuzza Full CCTV Footage

Governor Tom Wolf tweeted that he was monitoring the weather situation and offered his condolences to the families of those who lost someone. He said he wants the National Guard to be mobilized if needed and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency to monitor road conditions statewide. These photos and videos are spreading quite a lot on social media as if there is a fire in the forest and it is being shown in the photos that the trailer is seen colliding with the truck one after the other and is shown about 180 degrees.


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