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Party Bike Accident Video Atlanta Party Bike Driver Arrested After A Crash


WATCH: Party Bike Accident Video Atlanta Party Bike Driver Arrested After A Crash: Even after making many strict rules to prevent road accidents the cases are constantly increasing and putting the life of people in danger. One more tragic incident has happened in Atlanta which injured at least 15 passengers. As per the latest report, On Saturday, a driver of a multi-person party bike has been charged with DUI in link to an accident that wounded 15 passengers this incident has happened in Atlanta. Officers responded to a report of a traffic crash at West Peachtree Street and 14th Street in the evening and found a party bike that had tipped over while making a turn, as per a news release from Atlanta Police Department. Follow More Update On

Party Bike Accident

Party Bike Accident Video

Party bikes, sometimes called pedal bars and pedal pubs, are mini bars on wheels that tour around cities. They are part electric, controlled by a driver at the front, and party powered by commuters who pedal as they drink at the “bar”. The preliminary probe discovered there were 15 people on the bike. All 15 were wounded and taken to close-by hospitals with non-menacing wounds, police stated.

Atlanta Party Bike Driver Arrested

The city of Atlanta Fire Rescue Department stated that 2 riders initially suffered critical wounds, and 3 others were evaluated for severe injuries. The others were treated for minor wounds, as stated by the department.  The driver of the bike, who has not been recognized, has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and was also quoted for a business permit violation, as informed by police.

The driver or chauffeur, whom operator Pedal Pub calls a “pilot”, who also quoted for an unspecified business violation following the early evening accident in Midtown Atlanta. The name of the pilot was not issued. Georgia laws prohibiting impaired driving cover “alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substance.” Cops did not specify which was suspected. Sans the identity of the pilot, a media outlet was not able to reach them or their attorneys for a response. By Sunday evening, the operator, Pedal Pub, had not responded to a request for comment.

The police currently investigating the case and found that no other vehicles were engaged in the accident, which happened after 06:30 PM, stated by authorities. Atlanta Police Officer Steve Avery stated by email Saturday which reads that “This was a single-vehicle accident. “A ‘pedal pub with several passengers was attempting to negotiate a turn but was seemingly going too fast and turned over.”

Pedal Pub, part of the limited liability corporation based in St. Paul, Minnesota, offers tours of 2 to 4 Atlanta beer-serving establishments per trip.


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