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NYC Subway Rider Beaten By Homophobic Man Video Viral On Twitter, Instagram & Reddit, Suspect Name!


A very interesting and shocking video is circulating on social media sites. In the allegedly viral video, a man could be seen ripping apart the new York city Subway driver’s hair. Is also heard shouting that I am sick of you fuckers. The article has been identified as an h* man and he attacked a person who was anti-gay. Issued his Rampage and completely destroyed him but the other person had pepper spray for his Self-defense. But the identity of this individual has not been revealed and it is still unclear. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!!

NYC Subway Rider Beaten By Homophobic Man Video

NYC Subway Rider Beaten By Homophobic Man

New York police department has already imposed a fine of 3000 dollars. The victim was 22 years old and he was immediately taken to the hospital after the whole incident. He was heavily beaten and had severe life threatening injuries. The incident took place on the 19 th Street on March 28 at around 2 p.m. In the afternoon. The complete CCTV footage is available and the police has a very solid evidence. He was really opened by the remarks of the 22 year individual and he immediately started beating him for the comments he made.

NYC Subway Rider Beaten By Homophobic Man Video

The case has been registered in the New York Police Department crime branch and it is a really horrible video. Some activist has also taken sides a in this case and some of them are with the h* man. The local police department has also released some photographs and sketches of this person to find him as soon as possible. This is not the first time that such cases have been reported in the New York Subway. We have seen a lot of Murder and rape cases.

NYC Subway Rider Beaten By Homophobic Man Suspect Name

The people who were present during the whole incident was really horrified by the situation and they were trying to get to a safe place. Some of them have even mentioned the accident in some interviews and that error could be seen in their eyes if clearly. The police department to should really e enhance the security measures and provide the citizens all the safety they require. For more breaking stories stay tuned with our website.


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