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MOSKVA SINKING VIDEO Viral On Twitter & Reddit, Russian Warship Sinks In The Black Sea Clip Leaked!


A Warship of the Russian navy was descended Into the sea. The worship was damaged by an explosive. By the defense Ministry of Russia, it is declared that the worship of Moskva had lost. The speed of the worship is said to be 32 knots. it has a range of 10000nm. the ship also takes and helipad for one helicopter. It is stated by a Russian official that the worship was get hit by a Ukraine Neptune missile. It is said that the maximum number of crew that the ship can carry is 510. For more information about this worship Moskva state and get every possible insight about this ship. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Moskva Sinking Video

Moskva Sinking Video

In and talk with CNN for men John Kirby said that it possibly get Global Ukrainian missile Neptune or maybe something more. Previously this missile Cruiser Position was in Syria by Moscow. after that it is given to the forces of Russia country for Naval protection. According to information, this shape has more than 15 anti-ship missiles and many explosive weapons with it. An expert named Justin Crump Said to BBC that the main role of this worship was to strengthen

Russian Warship Sinks In The Black Sea Full Viral Video

the air defense and support other ships. the main Advantage of Moskva, Was its anti-air weapon long-range Missile system Stated by Justin crump. This is a huge impact’, these are the words of lord West with speaking to BBC Radio, before the declaration of the ship has sunk. Lord West is the chief of Naval Staff, so sad that it was a very big loss and they are very embarrassed Russian President Putin had an affection for the Navy.

The first thing he did when he come into power, was he put his every effort to make the Navy of the Russian country very tough. According to information, this is the second worship, which was lost by the Russian Army since the start of the invasion in Ukraine. one more ship at Saratov was also destroyed by the Ukrainian army. The Army of Ukraine said that they hit the ship of Russia with their country-made missile Neptune. A weapon that was only and only made for the Russian army.


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