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Man Connects To ‘Loud’ Upstairs Neighbors’ Speaker In Viral TikTok Prank


Guy Connects to ‘Loud’ Upstairs Neighbors’ Speaker in Viral TikTok Prank #Guy #Connects #Loud #Upstairs #Neighbors #Speaker #Viral #TikTok #Prank Welcome to TmZ Weblog, in this article is the new tale we have for you these days:

A TikToker has absent viral just after trolling his loud upstairs neighbors via their Bluetooth-related speaker.

Matt O’Brien took to TikTok to share how he pranks his neighbors when they are taking part in loud tunes: by producing a song of his individual, connecting to their speaker, and enjoying the tune. 

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The video, which now has 3 million views and above 400,000 likes, depicts O’Brien in his home whilst the textual content overlay reads, “My upstairs neighbors are being loud again and I’m nevertheless able to hook up to their Bluetooth speaker.”

In the qualifications, you can hear noise and songs presumably coming from his upstairs neighbor.

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He then proceeds to stroll in excess of to his computer system and open a file titled “loud neighbor songs”, picking out and enjoying Neighbor music #3.

Set to the tune of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5, O’Brien sings the lyrics, “Your new music ***, remember to transform it down, also select up following your pet.” He performs the music as soon as for TikTok and then connects to his neighbor’s speaker, the place you can listen to the music in the track record. The neighbor then proceeds to angrily bang on the ground, and the digital camera pans away as O’Brien claims “Oh, ***.”

This is not the initial time that O’Brien has attempted to tell his neighbor to peaceful down via musical prank. In June of 2021, he established a related music to Edvard Grieg’s In Hall of The Mountain King and performed it on presumably the very same neighbor’s speaker.

Commenters observed the prank hilarious, with a single user declaring, “This is the level of petty I aspire to be.” Other people agreed, calling the prank “legendary” and “brilliant.”

Nonetheless, some commenters sided with the neighbors, declaring, “so they’re not allowed to hear to their new music because you do not like it?”

Yet another agreed, indicating, “This is humorous, but dude, it is the middle of the day and I could hardly listen to their new music even with you remaining silent.”

TmZ Web site has achieved out to Matt O’Brien by way of TikTok comment in regards to this tale.

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*1st Released: Apr 9, 2022, 11:10 am CDT

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