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Malaika Arora Accident – Malaika Arora’s Range Rover Accident Site


The actress is said to have been travelling with her son and was returning from the event at the time of the accident. A few cars were in front of her and she took a sharp turn to avoid them. This caused her to lose control of the car and hit a pole. The wreckage caused a violent chain reaction, which resulted in several more cars crashing into other vehicles, including an ambulance. You can watch the full video of Malaika Arora Accident here.

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The accident occurred just before about 3 pm on Wednesday afternoon, according to eyewitnesses. Malaika was taken to the hospital for treatment, but her condition is said to be stable and no major injuries have been reported so far. She has reportedly been discharged from the hospital, but will still be under observation for a few days after that.

Malaika Arora’s Range Rover Accident site

The Range Rover has apparently sustained heavy damages in this accident as well as some minor scratches on its bodywork. The vehicle was towed away by police for further investigations. The police have begun their on-site investigation into this accident and the police have also registered a case against the driver for causing death due to negligence.

The actress is said to be in a stable condition, but she has been advised to rest for the next few days. She has been identified as Malaika Arora, a well-known Indian model and actress. The actress was at the time of the accident driving her son Taimur on a scooter.


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