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Letters To The Editor — April 10, 2022


Letters to the Editor — April 10, 2022 #Letters #Editor #April Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

Thomas’ Haters

Celebrities Leaked Plastic Surgeries, Butt And Boobs Jobs.

Rich Lowry laid out the consistent, long-running attack on Justice Clarence Thomas from the left (“Doubting Thomases,” PostOpinion, April 2).
Now Democrats are attacking him for the views of his wife. They will stoop to any low to get rid of him.

What does this tell us? That Thomas must be one heck of a judge. If he was weak, there would be no reason to get rid of him. He has proven himself anything but. I, for one, thank God that this great conservative continues to serve.

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Vincent O’Neill
Massapequa Park

Carbon fix

As the article “Do or dioxide” (April 3) points out, we do not yet have the technologies needed to remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

However, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do everything we can to reduce new carbon entering the atmosphere.

The article brings to mind the image of a bathtub with the drain plug pulled out, yet the tub continues to overflow, as the faucets are on full blast. Let’s address those faucets, so to speak, while we figure out how to deal with all that water in and out of the tub.

The best approach appears to be an economic one — a national price on carbon, increasing yearly, while returning all the fees collected in equal monthly dividends to every American.

The higher cost for fossil fuel use would incentivize new technological advances, while the dividends would ease the transition to a clean, renewable-energy economy. No time to waste — those carbon emissions are still flowing.

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Jonathan Light
Laguna Niguel, Calif.

NYU nightmare

As a parent of an NYU graduate and grandparent of two NYU graduates, I’m so happy they attended the school when they did (“Selling NYU amid vagrancy,” April 3).

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