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WATCH: Kim Garam Bullying Scandal Video Goes Viral On YouTube, Reddit, and, Twitter: Kim Garam one of the cutest girls on social media has been embroiled in a controversy that she was a school bully in her own time. She unnecessarily creates problems for others where they have to face them all. She was a burden to others during her school times. She bully her friend and her juniors if they wouldn’t greet her well. She drinks and smokes a lot. Sometimes, she also consumes weeds and takes drugs. Follow More Update On

Kim Garam Bullying

Kim Garam Bullying

Her parents didn’t aware of her bad behavior. In the classroom, sometimes she hits any random junior student if they wouldn’t treat her well. All these things are showing how bad she was during her school times. We don’t know how her classmates have handled her torture and controlled their anger. Judging through her face, it looks like she was cool, quiet, and has a loving personality who doesn’t harm others. But if we look at her actions, then we knew how bad she was. She didn’t treat the juniors well, she didn’t have a good attitude, and she didn’t have respect for elders.

Kim Garam Bullying Scandal Video

Recently, a teaser content of the idol was released by HBE in which they are exposing the names who are involved in with her. In a screenshot, they have taken the names and shown them to everybody on the internet. Among them, her name was also included. If her name and her partner’s name were shown then her career, and her life all will be spoiled.

This news has announced on April 6, netizens are waiting for the screenshot and are curious to know their names. If somehow her name was included, then it was difficult for her to stay more on social media. The idol didn’t come again on social media and she has to live with her parents to get some work.

Kim Garam Bullying Scandal Video Explained

For this, she was trying from her side that the names were not revealed on the web. Regarding this, she says that she didn’t do anything wrong with my juniors. I treat them well. In fact, she takes them to McDonald’s, amusement parks, and Disney world to have some fun with them. Those who are circulating this news are totally false. I never did anything wrong with my best friends and with my classmates. Let’s see what happened with her.


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