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Jonathan Houseman Quarry Park Road Stourbridge Murder, Wife and Latest On The Case


Is it possible that Jonathan Houseman killed the victims in Stourbridge? Watch to find out.

Jonathan Houseman, who was convicted of the murders of Will Henry and Brian McIntosh, will spend at least 40 years in prison.

At the moment of their deaths, the victims were inside the vehicle. On September 30, 2020, the cops discovered their body.

Houseman not only took the victims’ lives, but also their families’ hopes and dreams. One episode of ‘BBC Two Forensics: The Real CSI’ will be devoted to the murder. The families of the victims, on the other hand, are dissatisfied with the decision.

Let’s take a closer look at it.

Jonathan Houseman Stourbridge Now:

Jonathan Houseman used to live on Stourbridge’s Quarry Park Road. He is, however, now spending his term behind bars.

Jonathan Houseman Birmingham Murder & Wife Update.

At Birmingham Crown Court, Jonathan Houseman was sentenced. The judges debated the case for more than two days before making their verdict.

Moving on, Amy Houseman is Jonathan’s wife. Apart from her name, Amy’s identity has remained unknown on the internet. The pair has a son and a daughter together. However, their true identities are currently unknown.

Jonathan had previously requested £9,000 from Amy, according to reports. “I need to pay £9,000 out before then or I am going to be fighting,” Jonathan texted his wife. I guarantee I’ll be in the hospital later.”

Jonathan Houseman Quarry Park Road Case Update

Jonathan Houseman, of Stourbridge’s Quarry Park Road, was convicted of two counts of murder. Houseman was recorded on CCTV film fleeing the crime scene, although he had concealed his face from the camera.

The assassination has also been labeled a ‘cold-blooded execution.’

Jonathan Houseman Wikipedia

Jonathan Houseman doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. However, you may learn more about him by visiting several websites. In fact, practically every news outlet has provided us with information about Houseman’s crime.

Brian McIntosh was 29 years old when he died, while Will Henry was 31. McIntosh was the father of two children. Henry was also the younger brother of actor Matt Henry.

Houseman is thought to have murdered both of his victims in order to continue his lavish lifestyle. Brian and Will both worked in the rubbish removal business, but Houseman did not pay them. Instead of paying the victims what they were owed, Houseman murdered them.


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