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Jonah Shoot in Ozark Season 4 Spoilers Alert & Preview


Netflix’s popular crime thriller show Ozark came to an end, the last episode of the fourth and the final season was delivered at the end of the last week. Since the beginning of season 1, the show has always managed to grab the attention of the audience. Since season 1 the show has attained a massive amount of audience. The show has been declared superhit since its beginning. As you all know last week the Ozark franchise delivered its finale episode and with this, the show came to an end, so today here in the article we will discuss the finale episode of the show. Who does Jonah shoot? What do the fans have to say about the finale? These are some of the questions which are highly being discussed on social media, so let’s dive into it and find out all your answers today in this article.

Jonah Shoot in Ozark

So as you all know in the finale episode Ozark Jonah kills the Mel Sattam. The final twist by the makers for the audience was the killing of the private investigator Mel Sattam. This was the biggest twist that the audience saw in the finale episode of the show. In the episode, it was shown that after confronting the Byreds, with all the evidence pointing toward Ben’s death, private investigator Mel Sattam looks at the barrel, it is further shown Jonah pulling the trigger and shooting him.

Now after this the main question arises why did Jonah kill Mel Sattam?
So the answer to your question is, The private investigator Mel Sattam was the last obstacle in the Byred’s road to freedom. We all saw how Mel was obsessed with investigating Ben’s murder and during his investigation, he was sure that Byrd’s are the main culprit behind Ben’s murder. Even Byred knew this and they came forward to shake hands with Mel they even offer him a handsome about of Bribe, but he denies it. As he was obsessed with finding and exposing the real culprits. When Mel was about to expose the family, out of sudden Jonah came into the scene and shoots Mel to death.

The final episode was divided into two parts as you all know.

The audiences are not happy with the endo g of the show, they are unhappy as their favorite show is coming to an end. Although many of the fans are not happy with the ending of the show. Their heartburn is seen on the IMBD page where they commented about their disappointment with the finale episode. They have also given less rating to the episode on the last episode of the show.


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