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Jim Carrey Kissing Alicia Silverstone On Stage Video Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit, Leaves Everyone Scandalized!


Jim Carrey is 35 years old, and as per the reports before walking up on the stage he kissed Alicia Stone and took the award. He was criticized after this video came up where he is kissing Alicia Silverstone in the movie award pf 1997 MTV movie Awards has re-emerged. Ar 2022 Oscars, where they have seen describing it as ‘sickening’ many people targeted at his post behavior where the Actor weighed in on the Will Smith and Chris Rock. When he was announced as the winner of ‘best kiss’ He attempted to kiss Smith. Alicia is 20 years old and was presented Carrey with an award for his film The Cable Guy.  Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!!!!!

Jim Carrey Kissing Alicia Silverstone Video

Jim Carrey Kissing Alicia Silverstone Video

Many users are saying that Jim sexually assaulted Alicia on the stage and they have aimed at Ji and Carey for this. A statement is coming out saying Jim Carrey is bold why did he kiss Alicia on the stage without her permission and consent and she said she felt humiliated? So this situation on so-called assault is when you sexually assaulted Alicia. Looking at her reaction, she feels so disgusted another person said’.

Jim Carrey Kissing Alicia Silverstone On Stage Video

That was not a good moment. It cast a shadow over everyones. It was a selfish moment Carrey says of Smith’s Oscar slap. Carrey said that the video is going to be there forever it is going to ne ubiquitous. This is a big insult and it is going to last for a very long time on people’s minds. It shows Carrey gracing the stage after winning for The Cable Guy and forcibly kissing an uncomfortable Alicia who was presenting the award on the lips.

This footage has been blasted after he criticized Will Smith over the Oscars slaps. The comedian 60, grabbed the actress and kissed her on the mouth as he accepted an award for Best Comedic Performance. Jim Carrey had later said sorry to her backstage when he realized that the actress was embarrassed. The actor gave his acceptance speech, and Silverstone was seen standing awkawardly behind him. This slap made the whole internegt start digging up. Several viwers trolled him on the internet.


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