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Is Malaika Arora Khan Dead or Alive? Crash Video CCTV, Latest News, Health Update Condition!


Actor-model Malaika Arora got sustained minor injuries according to the police for the treatment of hehe injuries she is taken to the Apollo hospital said Khopoli police. FIR would be fired for this case and after investigation, they will find out what did happen. After this Malaika was rushed and taken to the hospital. As per the reports, three vehicles were there and got damaged. This accident happened on the point of Mumbai- Pune expressway which was on the point of 38 km. According to the reports it is also said that the expressway is an accident-prone area, and many accidents have taken place there. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!

Malaika Arora Car Accident

Malaika Arora Car Accident

However, we don’t know which kind of injuries Malaika has received. As per the sources, Malaika was coming back from Pune, she went there to attend an occasion with the metropolis. Fortunately, it was nothing major and she will be fine soon currently she is doing good. Three vehicles got rammed by each other. Malaika was in Range Rover. Police are currently investigating the whole incident and may fire an FIR later. Malaika’s driver got disturbed while driving near Panvel. According to the police inspectors, he said he has received all the numbers of all three cars which got rammed,

Is Malaika Arora Dead Or Alive?

And now they would be able to contact the owners and will get to know what did happen there. Malaika is an Indian actress, dancer, and model. She was born in Maharashtra in Thane on 23 October 1973. Malaika hot married Arbaaz khan, and she was known as Malaika Arora Khan. Together they have a son whose name is Arhaan Khan but this couple officially got divorced on 21st May 2017. The custody of their son after they divorced is with Malaika. As an avid Dancer, her dance is a treat in everyone’s eyes.

Malaika Arora: Health Update Condition

Malaika is a complete fitness enthusiast and is one of the best fitness actresses. Being a mother, Malaika sets a sheer example of a strong and confident woman. She has one younger sister Amrita Arora who is also an actress by profession. Malaika also judged the shows Nach baliye, Zara Nach ke dikha, and India’s top next model. Now Arjun Kapoor is said to be her alleged boyfriend and this couple has been seen hanging out together for a long time. She loved spending time in Goa, Greece, and on Caribbean Island. Her favorite fashion Era was the 1980s.


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