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Is Kendall Jenner Alright? What’s Wrong With Her Feet? Model Blocked Comments On Her Toes!


Kendall Jenner’s supermodel recently got trolled for her ‘big toes’. As per the reports Kendall Jenner said she is going to block any toe comment in her pictures in which she was wearing black slippers and her feet were clearly visible. On Friday, April 1 she mocked almost 26 comments on Instagram all the people who mocked her feet for years. She said I will block the comments in which the supermodel is wearing and seen a body con multi-colored dress. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!

Kendall Jenner Feet

Kendall Jenner Feet

Her younger sister Kylie commented on her post saying I love them. On other hand, her best friend Hailey Bieber replied ‘Lmfaoooo”. She joked about having the longest toes in the world during an interview in 2015. They are spider toes. They are she informed in Elle magazine, and also she added that I have spider fingers, too! She said she struggles a lot to deal with those troll posts which are very hurtful.

Is Kendall Jenner Alright?

She said we are also humans and I have cried for days because of the people who have said very hurtful things. I have had to face this and be strong and she stated that I am not a superhuman. She recently posted her outfit with oscar on social media, where she was wearing a swan neckline gown of black color. To make it look more attractive the designed mogul with her stylish costumes and she was wearing a pair of black boots to make it look stunning.

What’s Wrong With Kendall Jenner’s Feet?

She turned attention with blingy boots and gloves on her hands and she gave a theatrical edge. The fashion model gown classic red carpet statement. She highlighted her collarbone with a neat high pony and she wore jewelry which was an ornate ear cuff. She was looking perfect. She posted her oscar outfit on her social media page with her stylish costumes. All the reality stars admitted to the allure that she struggles and deal with so many hurtful things and said I”ve had to become sronger to face this and these things are making her even stronger. She said dont get me wrong but I definately feel and noticed everything


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